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7 nov 2020

new album and concerts in 2021

It might seem quiet in the Jodymoon camp, but nothing could be further from the truth, because we are steadily working on our new album in peace. We don’t like facebooking, instagramming and twittering every centimeter we travel. It keeps us away from what really matters: making progress. So be patient …. new album and new gigs in 2021!

18 apr 2020

Zuiderlucht asked us how we get through quarantine…

8 feb 2020

We will play some new concerts the coming months. Yesterday was the fist one in Veendam, that was very nice indeed!  (photo Erik Meijerink)

2 sep 2019

Thanks to Leon Verdonschot for a nice and smart article in the cultural monthly ‘Zuiderlucht’
read online (NL):

21 aug 2019

and yet again some very good reviews. New Folk Sounds : ‘the very best folkbluesrockpop from the Netherlands!’ And Real Roots Café says: ‘a Dutch surprise!…let yourself be enchanted by Jodymoon.

more reviews under reviews

4 june 2019

our new single ‘Never Run Out’

The video is a 1930’s home movie of two girls going on a trip, thank you Prelinger Archives! It is dramatised footage, so they where making a movie and acting in it. If the girls really are called Joan and Jean is unknown. The maker and other persons in the movie are also unknown. The liveliness of the two girlfriends fits the song very well we think. It’s moving to realise that these girls must be very very very old by now, or more probably, have deceased. What a wonderful time machine film is! To be able to get a glimpse of this era and these girls in the prime of their lives.

18 may 2019

A lot of good new reviews of our album!
see reviews

3 apr 2019

We made a live version of the opening track of our new album:  ‘Sing Low’

14 mar 2019

Live on NPO Radio 5 @De MAX with ‘A Love Brand New’ and ‘Sing Low’ + interview. Listen to the songs and the interview HERE

6 feb 2019

this Saturday, 9 feb. we’ll play @ avrotros Muziekcafe on NPO radio 2. We start at 16.00, so switch on your radio….

28 jan 2019

Album release party, Walhalla Rotterdam Many thanks to you all for coming to our album release party and for your overwhelming applause, the flowers and kind words! We couldn’t have wished for a better kick-off for the new album. A small impression below. (Click photo to enlarge) photos by Thom Frijns More photos HERE Meer foto’s HIER

2 jan 2019

Another preview of our new album that will be released on January 18, Hey Son. Special guests on this song: Johan de Haan on clarinet, Joanne Wigmans on viola and of course Marie-José Didderen on cello and Annelieke Marselje on violin. Listen on Spotify. Enjoy!!

10 dec 2018, nieuwsbrief

Hello everybody,

We received many positive reactions to our new single  A Love Brand New, so glad that you like it! If you have not seen the video or want to see it again: go to YouTube. Many people have asked us if they could buy our new album before the start of all concerts, so that they can get to know the songs a little bit and sing along ;-). Understandable … That’s why we thought it would be a good idea to make the album available only to our loyal newsletter readers before the official release on 18 januari 2019. Subscribe to our newsletter en receive a special offer for our albums ánd the new album (temporary discount!) More good news is that ALL of our older albums are now available on all digital platforms and streaming services such as Spotify(and iTunes-Apple Music,Google Play, Deezer).

Nov 16, 2018 newsletter

Hello everybody, We are proud to present the first preview of our new album ‘A Love Brand New’. It is the title song of the album, so needless to say that it goes by the same name :-). As of Monday the song can also be listened to on all streaming services such as Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer etc … turn it on! The album will be officially released on January 18th and on Sunday January 27th we’ll have the CD presentation in theater Walhalla , Rotterdam. If you have not bought a ticket yet, don’t linger too long. See the concert list in the menu shows for the complete tour so far.

Sep 05, 2018 newsletter

Hello everyone,

We’ve been working on our new album for quite a while now. We wrote a lot of new material, tried and tested it, rejected and embraced it. The process is intense. It’ll be different, it’ll be the same, it is Jodymoon. The title is A Love Brand New.

The album presentation of A Love Brand New is on Sunday 27 January 2019 in theater Walhalla in Rotterdam at 15.00  Tickets, see shows. Bring your friends & family, but don’t wait too long, because theater Walhalla isn’t as big as the de Amsterdam Arena. If Walhalla should be fully booked, we play other concerts throughout the whole country (NL) and for the very curious amongst you: We play new songs as well on the two concerts before the album presentation ;-).

You’ll find us on Instagram  nowadays , would be great if you leave a message there.

These are exciting times.

Apr 22, 2018 newsletter

The rest of this year we’ll be working on our new album that will be released early 2019!

Feb 05, 2018 newsletter

The year kicked of really well with shows throughout the Netherlands, we already played in Almere, Lelystad, Horst en Bemmel… and there is more to come. Something to look forward to! We’ll already offer you a taste of our new album that will be coming out by the end of the year. Digna has picked up the bass guitar and Johan plays the lap-drum. Lap-drum? To find out what that is you’ll have to come out and see us. 

p.s. Violin and cello are not on these pictures but they’ll be with us most of the time!

photos Rob T.A. Janssen (b&w) & Hans Rutgers

Nov 12, 2017

And again we had a marvellous time at the German Salonfestival: two sold-out shows in Düsseldorf and Karlsruhe. Nice!

Jul 19, 2017

If you’re in Madrid, Valencia, Mallorca, Ibiza, Beirut or Jeddah… having lunch, diner a coffee or something else in the #Capuccinograndcafe you just might happen to hear Jodymoon ;-). Our song Hitchhike Overdrive is on vol.10. Have a nice summer!

Apr 04, 2017

We had a great tour month this March, thanks everyone for coming out!

Jan 12, 2017

article about our show in Aachen: wunderbar!

Dec 23, 2016

The Inuit have 100 words for snow*, we have 40 Days. In the Netherlands we won’t have a white Christmas this year, but we hope our new video will bring you some warmth.

Watch the video on our video page or direct on Youtube Happy holidays and hope to see you in 2017!Love,

Johan & Digna

* is actually not true

Nov 12, 2016

Our little tour of three German cities for the Salonfestival was a triumph! In ‘Musik zu Gast’ people open their home or business to the public for concerts or lectures. Thanks to all the hosts for their great hospitality!

May 22, 2016

Luxor Live Arnhem!

Mar 29, 2016

Nice preview in Hengelo for our show next year, April 1, 2017.

Mar 17, 2016

We had a great time in Bilbao, pictures are proof for that!!

Feb 11, 2016

Just confirmed: in March we’ll perform in Bilbao at the Musiketan Festival!

Dec 24, 2015

Yep, we made the OOR best albums of the year list: we’re on 110 🙂 Hey, that’s higher than Muse, Joe Jackson and Bob Dylan to name just a few. There are also end lists where we’re on number 1: Loesje Houtkoop and Peter Keijsers.

Dec 10, 2015

Interview with us in ‘Zuiderlucht’.

Nov 20, 2015

Oct 03, 2015

Yessss just confirmed: Thursday January 7, concert Jodymoon and Symphony Orchestra South NL at the Muziekgieterij in Maastricht. Save that date!!

Sep 02, 2015

Back on track!

After a well-earned vacation we’re back. We have a fine list of shows coming up in September and October, and in the meantime the rave reviews keep pouring in. We can’t wait for the new season to start!

Jul 03, 2015

Our album is now also available in Hi Res Audio. A must for al audiophiles because you can hear the music in the original studio quality of 24 bit 96 kHz: MORE details!

Jun 07, 2015

Yesterday we played 5 songs live at Spijkers met Koppen on NPO Radio 2. Great show!

May 15, 2015

Last night we played on NPO Radio 2 for ‘The Night Of  The Refugee’. We did two songs, watch and listen here: Hitchhike Overdrive907 Steps + interview

Apr 27, 2015

Our single Hitchhike Overdrive is received very well by Dutch radio and can be heard a lot on NPORadio2!

Apr 08, 2015

New video and single! Hitchhike Overdrive is the second single of our new album ‘All Is Waiting’.

Apr 01, 2015

Busy weeks: we where at 3FM, NPO radio 2, NPO radio 1, IKONHUIS @NPO tv2, and you can all see this in this video, because we where stalked by a filmcrew…but in a good way 🙂

Mar 14, 2015

We’re on a roll!

lot’s of good things: every day (rave!) reviews are coming in, tomorrow we’ll appear on TV2 at IKON on the talk show ‘De Nieuwe Wereld’ (11.30) AND we’ll play  live on radio 3fm at BNN’s ‘Timur en Rámon’ (12.15). After that straight to one of the finest theaters in Holland: Walhalla in Rotterdam. see shows

Mar 02, 2015

Article in ‘Dagblad de Limburger’ today. “mysterious and out of the ordinary”

read it HERE (nl)

Feb 27, 2015, newsletter

Tadaaaa, it’s time for champagne, because today our new album All Is Waiting is released!! We worked on it for a long time, but it turned out exactly how we wanted it to be. Yep, two stubborn souls you know?!  😉 All Is Waiting can be ordered through our website, on and iTunes. Or maybe you are ‘old school’ and you want to go to the record store: Concerto or Plato.

Our album release party at Paradiso Amsterdam is on Sunday afternoon March 8. Don’t wait too long to get your tickets: they’re going fast! There are more live radio shows: On Saturday March 7, we play in Muziekcafe from 16.00, Radio 2 and that same night we’ll be at Met het Oog op Morgen, between 23.00-0.00, Radio 1. On April 5 we play in Dit is de Dag, Radio 1.

Winners of the album contest are: Nicole Peeters of Maasmechelen (B) and Jos Caris of Roermond (NL). Congratulations!! A signed album is coming your way this weekend.

The correct answer is: 3 moments. There were some people who said 2 moments, but when they explained themselves, they described the 3 scenes that were right. So we eventually approved of these answers.

Feb 16, 2015

Yesterday we played live on Friesland radio, we had a great time! You can hear and see two tracks of our new album: 907 Steps and the single The Long Way Round. And…you can also see my new dress 🙂

Feb 15, 2015

Great to play our new songs in the warm ambience of the Heerenlogement in Beusichem.

Feb 14, 2015, newsletter

Hello everyone,

We get a lot of positive response on our new single and video ‘The Long Way Round’ and in NL it can already be heard on Radio 1 and 2 regularly. !! Contest: win our new album All Is Waiting, … signed !! 

Count how many scenes there are in our video ‘The Long Way Round’ where the lyrics are shown in mirror image, and you have a chance of winning a signed album. We have two albums to give away. Watch the video on YouTube. Email your answer, name and address to info@jodymoon.ccm before February 27.

The new album ‘All Is Waiting‘ will be released on February 27 and from then on you can get it on our website, Amazon and iTunes. But you can already get a taste of the album with some snippets HERE. Our album release party at Paradiso Amsterdam is on Sunday afternoon March 8. Don’t wait too long to get your tickets: they’re going fast!

We’re also getting more and more live radio shows: we already did OBA live in Amsterdam and next Monday we’ll be at Radio Fryslan between 14.00 an 15.00. On Saturday March 7 Met het Oog op Morgen, between 23.00 and 0.00, Radio 1. There are a few more in the making, we’ll keep you posted.

Feb 13, 2015

OBA live was a good kick off for our radio & tv season. Watch the show HERE, we’re on 13.35 and 46.45

Jan 29, 2015

The first single from our upcoming album All Is Waiting is out now. It’s entitled ‘The Long Way Round’ and we had three long days of good fun making this stop motion video. watch video here New album will be released on Feb 27th.

Jan 13, 2015

you can now get tickets for our release party at Paradiso HERE